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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best B-Plots

The Big Bang Theory is notorious among fans for having over-the-top plots that showcase friendship, science, and hilarity. Each episode is memorable..

title The Big Bang Theory is notorious among fans for having over-the-top plots that showcase friendship, science, and hilarity. Each episode is memorable for fans, and the writers worked tirelessly to ensure that the episodes would be memorable long after the conclusion of the series. However, there are always two plots during each episode, and sometimes the B-plot is looked over. RELATED: One Quote From Each Character In The Big Bang Theory That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality These B-plots can range from comedic relief during a heavier episode to introducing a character that will change the course of the series. Even though these plots are not the main focus from episode to episode, they still create some of the best and funniest moments in the series. 10 The Deception Verification Sheldon and Amy think that Penny has another man in her apartment, but it's Leonard who has returned early from his trip. The side plot involves Howard becoming moody after helping his mother apply hormonal cream to her back. Bernadette eventually deduces that he has absorbed the estrogen in the cream, and the episode is spent with Howard working to overcome his emotions. There is even a moment where Raj and Howard feel each other up, creating one of the funniest scenes for the TBBT main characters. This B-plot is hilarious because there are random moments of Howard showing how moody he has become, and the other characters in the show have no idea what is happening. This episode is also funny because it gives more insight into Howard, Bernadette, and Raj's shared relationship and gives fans some much-needed comedic relief. 9 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency Penny falls while taking a shower and dislocates her shoulder, leaving her in the care of Sheldon. The subplot involves Raj, Leonard, and Howard setting off for the desert to observe a meteor shower and eat cookies that get them high. They then plan to raid the other campsites for food, Leonard discusses changing his name to Angelo, and Howard confesses that he lost his virginity to his cousin. This B-plot is great because it shows fans a different side of Leonard, Howard, and Raj that they wouldn't have previously seen. The TBBT trio also shares some sweet moments of friendship despite them teasing each other. This moment is also the best because the trio reveals funny secrets about themselves, able to bond in a more laid-back setting without Sheldon around. 8 The Troll Manifestation Sheldon and Leonard write a scientific paper that receives negative criticisms, and they must figure out who made the comments. Amy, Bernadette, and Penny, however, spend the episode embarrassing each other with crazy secrets. Penny has to watch her gorilla movie, Bernadette must relive her pageant days, and Amy must read her Little House on the Prarie fan-fiction. RELATED: 10 Of The Most Skipped Episodes Of The Big Bang Theory, According To Reddit This B-plot is so memorable because viewers learn more about Penny, Amy, and Bernadette and hilarious moments from their past. This plot is also memorable for fans because it gives them a deeper look at Amy and Bernadette and the quirks that make them so unique to the series. 7 The Lunar Excitation This episode centers on Penny and Leonard's former relationship and Penny's new beau. However, the B-plot centers on Howard and Raj putting Sheldon on an online dating site to see if there are suitable matches for him. They are able to find a match, much to Howard and Raj's surprise, with Amy Farrah Fowler. This B-plot shows how Raj and Howard went to great lengths to find a match for Sheldon, even if it was mainly a way for them to tease him. This B-plot is also significant because it begins the relationship between Amy and Sheldon that eventually leads to their marriage. There are many ways that Sheldon and Amy are the most relatable TBBT couple, and their meet-cute is one of the main ways. 6 The Re-Entry Minimization This Big Bang Theory episode centers on Howard finally coming back from space, relishing his massive career achievement, and his unfortunate welcome back by Bernadette. However, Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny decide to have a game night where the girls prove to dominate in every challenge. They even yell at Howard when he arrives at their apartment. This B-plot not only showcases the hilarious relationship dynamic between the two couples, but the plot also shows how similar they are when it comes to a competitive setting. This B-plot is also hilarious because it adds some much-needed comedic relief while Howard is feeling unappreciated during the main plot. 5 The Intimacy Acceleration Sheldon and Penny take a test to see if they can accelerate falling in love. The B-plot, however, puts Leonard, Amy, Raj, and Emily in an escape room with a zombie. There is also another B-plot in this episode that shows Howard and Bernadette dealing with finding Howard's mother's ashes after they go missing on their flight home. RELATED: 10 Things That Keep Fans Up At Night About The Big Bang Theory, According To Reddit These subplots are hilarious for fans to watch, as they take away from the seriousness of Sheldon and Penny taking their test, and it also shows just how smart Amy, Leonard, Raj, and Emily are when they work together. The subplot involving Howard and Bernadette is also equally insightful, as it shows how much Bernadette supports and stands up for Howard. 4 The Panty Pinata Polarization This episode centers on Penny and Sheldon going to war after Penny is banned from Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. The B-plot, however, is more hilarious, involving Howard and Raj obsessing over America's Next Top Model and figuring out where the house is located. This B-plot is one of the more memorable because it shows how unhinged both Howard and Raj became and the lengths they would take in order to be around women. This is also just another moment that shows how great the friendship is between TBBT's Raj and Howard and how alike their personalities are. 3 The Robotic Manipulation By far one of the most memorable B-plots is when Howard uses the robotic arm he borrowed for something completely wild. In this episode, Sheldon and Amy are embarking on their first date with Penny as a chaperone. Meanwhile, Howard uses the robotic arm for purposes for which it was certainly not intended, and he has to call Leonard and Raj for help after he gets stuck. This episode is equal parts hilarious and outrageous because of Howard's behavior. Not only does it further solidify his hilarious sex-charged personality, but it also shows the hilarious moments between the three friends as they try to figure out what to do when Howard calls for help. 2 The Bakersfield Expedition Fans will remember this episode from the hilarious cosplay of Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj and how they get their car stolen when they pull over for a photoshoot in the desert. The B-plot of this episode is even more hilarious because it involves Penny, Amy, and Bernadette reading comic books to figure out why the boys are so obsessed with them. RELATED: 10 Best Standalone Episodes Of The Big Bang Theory To Watch Over and Over This B-plot truly shows how Penny, Bernadette, and Amy's friendship is very similar to the boys'. This subplot is also hilarious, as it gives viewers a role reversal in who is arguing over comics and superheroes. It also helps that the boys overhear their argument because they were feeling silly with their nerdy obsession prior to this. 1 The Beta Test Initiation This episode centers on Penny and Leonard's beta testing their relationship, but the B-plot is far more significant and gives viewers some much-needed comedic relief. Raj discovers that he is finally able to talk to a woman, but it just so happens to be the voice recognition coming from his phone. Viewers then embark on the hilarious relationship involving Raj and his phone. This is by far one of the best B-plots, as it shows how Raj's inability to talk to women greatly affects him and causes him to crave the affection of his phone. This subplot is also great because it adds to the budding relationship theme that the episode is working for with Penny and Leonard and Raj and his phone as the couples. 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