Saturday, 4 Dec, 2021

The Role Of Photojournalism In Our Daily Lives

We are all living in an era of unprecedented visual saturation. There is a photo-sharing site for every occasion, and we never seem to tire from click


We are all living in an era of unprecedented visual saturation. There is a photo-sharing site for every occasion, and we never seem to tire from clicking through them on our screens as if they provide some kind of solace or escape. The truth is that there has been no better time to be alive than right now because the world can reveal itself so vividly with just one photograph - who needs words? But while it's tempting to think that these images tell us everything about life, this isn't quite true: what stories don't get told by pictures alone? What narrative emerges when you add context around photos taken out at sea during hurricanes like Irma and Maria last fall? I'll leave those questions unanswered but want instead say something more profound


Photojournalism is a branch of journalism that tells a story through the form of images. The point of view of photography, is it different from its other branches in the sense that the stories from the images photojournalists offer are news related.


They are informative, and relevant to society, as well as informing us of what is happening around the world. These images also possess the quality of being objective. The context of the images, and its relevance are directly connected to the story it's telling.


Photojournalism is an essential part of the news media


This is especially true of those who seldom watch the news, or read the newspaper. These What is a picture worth? That's the question that everyone asks themselves when they see an image on their computer screen or flip through glossy pages of magazines. Pictures are what give readers and viewers, like you and me, a visual representation for events happening all over the world. For example- if we want to know about something going on in another country but don't have any access to information from there without relying solely upon visuals then it makes sense why pictures would be more effective than words alone because after all: images speak louder than words! images become their key to understanding the stories that are being reported in the news.




Photojournalists don't have an easy job. There are certain times when they risk their lives just to bring the news right into our living rooms, so we can be informed of what is happening around us.


Through the form of photographs they are able to let us in on the situations and events that are transpiring in other parts of the world. They offer us a glimpse of the people, their actions, places, things and scenes of daily life that are captured in their images. This way we become aware of the issues that are facing our society today.


Role of Technology in Photojournalism


The advent of technology has made the influence of photojournalism more pronounced. Nowadays, news can literally travel the globe within minutes. The usage of the internet, videophones, and excellent quality of printing technology has made the role of photojournalism a more visible presence.


This is why more than ever photojournalists have a much greater responsibility of ensuring that they present images that are objective. The downside to the progression of technology is that now individuals have the ability to manipulate images. This is where the question of ethics comes in. This is why there is a code of ethics that have been established to address these issues. Although, these tend to vary from country to country.


Photojournalism is a serious profession that merits respect and attention. After all, the images that accompany the stories in the news are truly what helps the public understand the meaning behind the words